Ground material selection is one of the important link in the decoration, that’s why we have been analyzing a variety of different materials, facilitate everybody to do the most suitable for their own choices, floor tile is also a lot of people will choose a material, but we still recommend PVC floor, because it has a higher performance, cost-effective integrated is the highest.

Vinyl  flooring is more advantages than the floor tiles.See below:

1. Green: vinyl flooring is the main raw material used in PVC, the authority of the State Department does not detect any radioactive elements, but also a new type of green floor decoration materials.

2.Light and thin: PVC flooring (plastic flooring) only 2-5mm thickness, weight per square meter only 2-4KG, less than 10% of ordinary floor materials. In the high-rise building for the load-bearing body and space saving, has an unparalleled advantage. At the same time in the transformation of the old building has a special advantage.

3.Super wear-resistant: PVC floor (plastic floor) surface layer of special high-tech processing of transparent wear-resistant layer, the wear-resistant rotation up to 300000 rpm, while the ordinary floor wear-resistant rotation only 13000–18000 turn.

4.High flexibility and super shock: the latest research data show that in the large flow of people paved the PVC plastic floor space, the ratio of its staff fell and injured more than other floors reduced by nearly 70%.

5.Super anti-skid: PVC plastic floor surface wear-resistant layer has a special skid resistance, and compared with ordinary floor materials, PVC floor (plastic floor) in the case of sticky water more foot feel more difficult to slip , The more water more astringent.

6.Fire retardant: PVC plastic flooring fire indicators up to B1 level, B1 level fire performance is excellent, second only to stone.

7.Waterproof moisture: PVC plastic flooring as the main component is vinyl resin, and water affinity, so it is not afraid of water, as long as it is not long-term will not be soaked will not be damaged; and not because of humidity and moldy.

8.Sound-absorbing noise: PVC plastic flooring can not be compared to ordinary floor materials sound-absorbing effect, the sound absorption up to 20 dB. So in a quiet environment such as wards, libraries, lecture halls, theaters and other PVC floor, you can avoid the sound of high heels and the ground percussion.

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