how to choose ground material between vinyl flooring and floor tiles?

Ground material selection is one of the important link in the decoration, that's why we have been analyzing a variety of different materials, facilitate everybody to do the most suitable for their own choices, floor tile is also a lot of people will choose a material, but we still recommend PVC floor, because it has [...]

How to pick right flooring between solid wood flooring and vinyl plank?

Solid wood flooring is the first choice for home improvement. And pvc used for tooling, such as schools, kindergartens, offices and so on. Solid wood flooring is a natural material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly; can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, warm in the winter and cool in the summer; texture pattern natural soft, with the [...]

Various flooring materials introduced

Flooring materials on the market bustling variety, today we come to learn some of the more popular new materials. 1.Wood floor: hardwood floor texture hard, delicate texture, good wear resistance, flexible net, beautiful. Ordinary hardwood flooring uses wood such as Ash, birch, walnut, locust wood, Begonia wood, beech, etc., high wood flooring used wood cherry [...]

How to distinguish between five common commercial flooring?

There are many different materials on the floor of the floor, we listed the most common four kinds of materials on the ground material and pvc floor to do comparison. PVC floor and rubber floor contrast: PVC flooring and rubber flooring are the same elastic floor, but the difference: Composition and production process is different: [...]

Comparison of PVC flooring and linen flooring

PVC flooring and linen flooring are flexible flooring, but differentiated. Want to know the difference between them? We compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two from four aspects: 1.Ingredients and production process is different: linen flooring by the oxidation of linseed oil, softwood and wood flour mixture, laminated to the jute on the back [...]