Solid wood flooring is the first choice for home improvement. And pvc used for tooling, such as schools, kindergartens, offices and so on.

Solid wood flooring is a natural material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly; can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, warm in the winter and cool in the summer; texture pattern natural soft, with the feeling of return to nature. But it does not have hygroscopicity, with the weather changes and humidity levels, will produce wet swelling, shrinkage phenomenon, poor stability.

Vinyl plank flooring color variety, and can be seamless stitching, fully meet the thinking of thinking designers, more able to meet the needs of different styles of users. Anti-slip, fire-retardant, wear-resistant, foot comfort, sound-absorbing, moth, mildew and other characteristics of PVC / plastic floor is the basic characteristics, although it is not a natural material, but it is non-toxic harmless, green and safe floor The But it requires a high foundation for construction, and fear of sharp scratches.